About Us

Rebecca Cooper, MD, JD, RGC, founded The Homestead Advantage to team up with seniors so they can enjoy the life they have established while staying safely, comfortably and autonomously in their homes for as long as they choose.

As a physician, attorney and licensed general contractor, as well as a Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist, Dr. Cooper recognizes that seniors want to continue living an active life but may not have the time or inclination to maintain their homes. Maintaining their homes, particularly making sure repairs and upgrades are done by reputable and skillful craftsmen becomes increasingly challenging and time consuming for them. Many seniors would rather be participating in hobbies and other activities than fixing their home!

Dr. Cooper purchased her own home from Millie—an elderly homeowner whose husband had died two years earlier after a protracted illness. Millie loved her home—she and her husband Mike had lived there for 20 years. They had decorated it themselves and cared for the day-to-day maintenance themselves until Mike got too sick and Millie became too frail to do even simple tasks like changing the air conditioning filter, which was too low or the smoke detector battery, which was too high.

Millie continued to enjoy her social activities—Tai Chi, bridge, and activities at the senior center. Her children, who lived several states away, visited often, but Millie wanted to spend what time they were with her visiting and doing activities rather than asking them to fix things. Her handyman had retired, and she did not know how to find a trustworthy replacement.

So, her beloved home suffered: rotting siding went unnoticed, the gutters filled with debris, moldy and rusty sink faucets sat untouched, running toilets wasted water, light bulbs stayed burned out and water intrusion into the living room began to cause mildew in the wrinkling carpet. Her home was unsafe. After Mike died, Millie’s children convinced Millie to move to an independent living facility closer to them. She felt that she had no choice and had to leave her home and friends to move closer to her children. Dr. Cooper wants seniors to have a choice!