Assist in planning all needed maintenance/upgrade projects
  • Evaluate the situation of home and identify the need of any renovation, big one time repairs or upgrade needs.
  • Prioritize such projects based on urgency and severity of the issues.
  • Help in defining the scope of project.
  • List down detail activities required.
  • Help in defining the budget.
Obtain and help evaluate project proposals
  • Research for right venders.
  • Invite proposals from multiple vendors.
  • Evaluate proposal and quotations based on various factors.
  • Shortlist the venders and facilitate final selection of venders.
Facilitate organization and supervision
  • Help making the overall project plan with detail activities and completion schedule.
  • Supervise day to day progress and quality of work.
  • Certify completion of work activities.
  • Facilitate the vender payments.
  • Organize warranty documents.
  • Follow up on post completion activities.