Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Will a maintenance program help increase my home value?

Yes, maintained home will always hold more value than the same home which has been neglected or needs repair. You must also remember that small repairs and maintenance through the life of the home are much less costly than major remodel or repair when an issue is left un-attended. Un-attended issues usually lead to additional problems which continually increase the possible cost of repair.

Q: What is a home maintenance program?

Nearly all homes require some maintenance done annually. Whether it’s your home or your vacation home we can make maintenance easier for you. Whether it is carpentry, plumbing or electric, it’s always hard to find a contractor to take care of or respond to small jobs. Our home maintenance program provides:

– Annual maintenance review of your home in writing by a professional tradesman for Free.

– Customized maintenance plan for each homeowner.

– We also provide Hurricane preparation in-case you need help or are not around. We will set up a plan to protect your assets and when a Hurricane Watch is issued, we will go into action.

– Peace of mind for home repairs. Minor repairs will be done by our experience staff, if major repairs are needed, we will evaluate the situation and possibly hire the right subcontractor for your needs. Through years of construction experience we have developed relationship with best subcontractors in town and PHM will manage the repairs for you.

– One call for all your maintenance needs!