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Test carbon monoxide and smoke detectors, and change batteries if required
Check and tighten knobs, handles and towel/safety bars
Assure that all walkways in and out of house are clear of tripping hazards
Inspect, clean and replace burned out bulbs from indoor and outdoor lighting
Check all electric receptacles, switches and ground-fault circuit interrupters
Check fire extinguisher, and arrange for replacement if needed
Check driveway and walkways, and arrange for repair if needed
Check garage door auto-reverse
Inspect electrical cords for wear
Check external dryer vent and arrange for cleaning
Test temperature-pressure-relief valve on water heater
Arrange for gas inspection if needed to turn on gas fireplace
Arrange for chimney inspection
Check gutters and downspouts for clogging or damage
Change AC Filter
Check caulking around showers and bathtubs; repair if needed
Check exterior drainage
Check for build up around foundation
Check AC registers and vents
Flush AC drain
Look for visible signs of ants, termites and other destructive insects
Check water softener and add salt if needed
Lubricate garage door tracks and springs
Perform visual inspection of ceilings and walls for evidence of water incursion
Perform visual inspection of roof for missing, loose or damaged shingles
Re-nail loose shingles/sliding and trim boards
Arrange for carpet cleaning if needed
Arrange for pressure washing siding and window cleaning
Check weather stripping on doors and windows and repair if needed
Check for interior wall damage; repair and touch-up minor blemishes
Check hoses on washing machine, dishwasher, Ice maker
Check that indoor and outdoor air vents are not blocked
Check all toilets, faucets and aerators for drips and leaks
Sweep out garage
Clean garbage disposal
Check and clean range hood fan and filter
Clean trash and garbage cans
Check for screen damage and arrange for repair/ cleaning if needed
Check all ceiling fans and arrange for cleaning or repair if needed
Vacuum refrigerator coils
Coordinate pool maintenance as needed