Testimonials 1

I am very fortunate that Rebecca Cooper and her team were able to solve a problem in my home! An area of paint was peeling on my soffit. Rebecca inspected it thoroughly and discussed it with her team members. They determined it was not simply peeling paint which was what I had been told but a ROOF LEAK! The leak has been repaired and the soffit repainted, all thanks to The Homestead Advantage. Be assured that I will use them again! Thank you again Rebecca!

J. Walker, Homeowner

Testimonials 4

I needed to remodel my home in preparation for its sale. I had gotten several very costly proposals. Rebecca from Homestead Advantage came and evaluated my home and made comprehensive recommendations that will be much more cost effective!

Jaqueline Eikner, Homeowner

Testimonials 3

We needed to figure out a way to get to our second floor bedroom without putting in an elevator. Rebecca came out for a consultation, evaluated our floor plans and made perfect recommendations that would be affordable! Now we can stay in our home for many more years.

Gloria and Dave Altick, Homeowners

Testimonials 2

We needed a reputable painter to work in our new home. Rebecca recommended someone who did an awesome job! His crew was great, and because of Rebecca’s recommendation, we knew we could trust him.

Diane and Steve D., Homeowners

Testimonials 5

Rebecca has recommended me to several of her elderly clients. They all commented that they have always put their trust in her recommendations and have never been disappointed!

David Demello, Demello Construction Services